Advertising Indian Railways

Passenger back seat and Grab Handle Advertising

MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation) with its largest network buses not only ply between popular tourist destinations but also it strives to reach in every remotest locations in Maharashtra state.
Considering the amount of the people travelling on regular basis, it has now lent the back of the seats and Grab Handles to Advertisers to promote their products and services to hundreds and thousands of commuters.
There has been similar innovation in advertising vertical and it has been tried earlier in private buses and BEST buses, however this is the first time in ST buses history, they have opened the huge potential to advertisers.
We are proud to announce that Shree Om Advertisers has been appointed as a SOLE and the only advertising agency to display advertisements across Maharashtra in 17000+ buses of MSRTC.
This Media is very communicative and describes the advertisements in depth. The common psychology behind its success is that numerable hours are spent by commuters in the busses and the advertisement content is pitched and in a way hammered to the commuters. This is thus proved to be one of the most trusted and affective mediums

Hoardings Advertisement

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