Maharashtra is a state covered with a mix of Urban & Rural areas, Factually MSRTC has been the ONLY transport choice to enable millions of travellers reach remote areas.

The Train network typically connects Major Cities and towns as far as Maharashtra state is concerned (example Tier I to maximum Tier III), but as compared to MSRTC, it cannot reach the remotest part where even a station cannot exist. MSRTC proudly runs buses and connects all the parts of Maharashtra.

Considering the advertisement media of Hoarding , Stand Branding , Back Seats and Grab Handles, the message is transmitted very effectively and with 100% visibility in Urban and Rural areas of Maharashtra for the travellers who totally depend on MSRTC bus services. 

For NEW Product launches/Announcements or any new Schemes to be launched, this medium stands undisputed in reaching masses without any time lag. Interestingly, the benefits essentially are borne by both the advertiser and the masses.

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