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About SOA

Established in early 2002, in the bustling world city, MUMBAI. SOA has been recognised as one of the pre-eminent advertising agency offering an array of services across India, engaged in the outdoor publicity on -

  • MSTRC buses and other buses across India
  • Indian Railways
  • Hoarding and Stand Branding
  • Wall paintings across India
  • Bus shelter across Maharashtra
  • Radio | FM
  • TV channels
  • Electronic & print media

Some of the highlights of service offerings are as below :

We are the only organisation which has been appointed as a Sole Advertising Agency for Advertisement on Hoardings, Stand Branding, Seat Back & Grab Handles, in all 17000+ MSRTC buses and all MSRTC Bus Depots,Bus Stations and various other Premises across Maharashtra. SOA has long standing relationship with both Public and Private sector organisations and various Government authorities.

Our USP is "We do not just ADVERTISE; We give VOICE to your BRAND/BUSINESS !"

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